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He had to just kiss it with the front of his car, which added to the realism. So I had to figure out the right angle to hit the thing. The trick is preparation without compromising realism. Chris Pflueger - uncredited. Your body is doing the driving and your eyes are looking for places where your body has to react.

Joey Oglesby - as Steve Schriver. Tim Heidecker - as Steve Schriver. It just has to be very fast.

This article does not cite any sources. Matthew Timmons - uncredited.

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Hitting it dead on would have sent me back under the train. We had people stationed at every corner to keep pedestrians from wandering onto the set and prevent someone from suddenly coming out of a garage during filming.

If he had lived he might have become a champion driver. Amazing Street Hack Short stunt driver. So for the stunt driver, it wasn't a car chase as much as a series of block by block enterprises all over town.

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The same goes for Bill Hickman in the Charger. Scott McDonald - uncredited. Just don't blow my close-ups.

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Greg Baker - as Steve Schriver. Otherwise it would have gone down the street too far and you'd miss. Fortunately we only had to use a second Mustang once when the first Mustang had to go in to be fixed up. He was driving the Ford station wagon and trailer following Dean on the day of his fatal accident and was the first person on the scene.

You can do that only if you're very familiar with your car and you're fully conscious of what part of the vehicle you want touch the other one. Ben Stein - as Steve Schriver. No Steve, no movie, and no studio in its right mind would put its star at that much risk. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Michael Dempsey - uncredited.

Marc Myers got to drive the route with the stuntman who deserves credit for the scene. That was Bill Hickman, one of the finest car stuntmen in the business at the time. While Hickman had many small acting mainly driving parts throughout the s and s, he mostly paid his bills with his stuntman work. This Is America Video short stunts. Another stuntman, Bud Ekins, genius twinwheel fxe driver did some of the early driving sequences until I could get there.

Benito Martinez - uncredited. You felt every bump and jolt. Today's post isn't about jazz, but it's certainly about cool. Motorcycle Officer uncredited. Enrico Colontoni - uncredited.

How much of Bill Hickman's work have you seen? Next I took a blowtorch to the cactus needles where I had planned to hit to avoid being impaled. The scenes were shot street by street, and in a different order from the film. It is never clear whether he was hurt while filming a stunt for the movie, although one account by the late Clyde Earl had him taking a spill in a motorcycle race not connected with the film. Missile Room Man uncredited.

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Timothy Abell - uncredited. The smoke coming off the wheels looked like burning rubber but it was actually a smoke prop placed in the rear wheel wells. Loren is a very level-headed guy who spent years doing crazy things for a living. The you-are-there sensation owed much to the use of cameras in the car.

Blake's Messenger uncredited. For other people with similar names, see William Hickman. On Sunday, I had the opportunity to gain teenage closure. Fugitive in Light Shirt uncredited. We needed the extra cars in case one was damaged.

He put the movie-goer in the car, and it all felt real and exciting. Everything about my scenes pushed the envelope beyond what had been done before, especially with muscle cars, which were relatively new. Scott MacDonald - uncredited. It's just that my reflexes just aren't what they used to be and I probably wouldn't react as fast as I would need to.

Zack Galifianakas - uncredited. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mike O'Malley - uncredited. Then I filled in the hole with the dirt so it would spray up when I hit. They called me because they had scenes to film and I lived about five minutes from the studio.

After all these years, I've never broken a bone. Bill Hickman was already an established stuntman by the time The Wild One was being filmed and his expertise on motorcycles landed him work on the Stanley Kramer production. Durain Henchman as William Hickman. Donegan as William Hickman. We just look at it like a job.

Nick Offerman - uncredited. Many writers have said two, but there were three of each.

The actor is better known for his prowess as a stunt driver. So that got me thinking about the best car chases on film and that led me to ask my friend Steve Lepper, who happens to be a stunt driver and gearhead, about his favorite car chases. Scott McDonald - as Steve Schriver. Steve always asked me first whether a stunt was too dangerous for him to take on. Steve couldn't believe it.