Geforce 327.23 Whql Drivers

Essentials Only Full Version. When i first picked up my gtx i spent weeks dealing with crash after crash no matter what driver i tried. Before this I havent had the tray icon for a very long time. That was a major issue for a lot of gamers as well, not just the small pocket of folders.

Same as the last betas for me, nothing better and nothing worse. Other than those issues, rock solid. Why is this button active for my own post?

Havent ran any benchmarks yet. This can make an overclock unstable. Makes every other game work except that one.

Geforce 327.23 whql drivers

Everything on youtube looks like a bunch of blocks. Though I always reboot anyways.

We have a discussion thread open on these drivers right here. This has been my experience with the new drivers. Noticed it on the previous drivers and this one, clevo d900t motherboard driver as well.


New Vegas crash much more frequently than previous drivers. Apart from the file size difference. The previous betas did anyway.

The only way to separate each point is the reference number at the end of each point, there arent any full stops. His advice is good, verify your overclock is stable after making sure the driver works well. Disabling the overclocking utilities allowed the driver to install properly on my system.

Below i'll show a sample of the crash from event viewer as well as my pc specs and will check back every so often incase any more info is required from me. This is really getting irritating. Don't know how or why it was happening but it hasn't happened since I updated. Nobody has received reputation this week.

Installed the new drivers a few minutes ago. With the new drivers has anyone noticed the system tray icon is no longer there?


Read the Nvidia forums amongst many others for feedback on these and nothing to note at all for performance improvements, just minor fixes. As long as it doesn't blow up my card, like those other drivers recently I'll be happy. My production has dropped also, I'm gonna let it ride for now. View More Photo Galleries.

Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Forums Posts Latest Posts. ManuelG had confirmed one of my minidumps to be a driver problem previously. Every other graphics setting I used remained the same. Haven't received registration validation E-mail?

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Do you already have an account? Terrible drivers, some games don't run with these and Xtreme Tuner Plus running. With these new drivers, it was necessary to shut down Afterburner to get the graphics driver portion of the install to complete successfully. Nice I switch teams and they do a physx fix.

GeForce 327.23 Driver

Your sentence was long enough for me to stop reading it in the half haha. Installed them this morning, but no time to try them out until this evening. Not sure if this is a windows update caused issue or a driver issue, I will test the driver theory tomorrow. Other games run just fine.

Running flawlessly since release. Seems weird that my never had this problem. No, create an account now. Keep alienating more customers with your incessant ineptitude.

Went all day yesterday without a single crash. Have not not seen the system tray icon over the last several driver installs.

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