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Bachelorette Number One, if I showed up on our date in a tux after falling into a pile of manure, would you laugh at me? He turned to Rarity, closed his eyes and puckered his lips. The moment our lips touched, twilight fanfiction dating show I knew you were the one for me.

Her hobbies include dress making, gem hunting and relaxing at the spa. This story was so awesome. Is that in another fanfic? It only lasted for a few seconds before Rarity pulled away desperately.

If you were pulling an anvil cart, and I happened to be walking by, would you ask me to pull it for you or would you pull it on your own? Statistics Blog Posts Download. Time to read the fic this is based on now. The distance between them was short, but it seemed an eternity before their lips finally met. Our Owner is very active and inviting, so if you have server suggestions and or issues just message the owner!

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One was bedazzling, the other rustically beautiful. And lots of channels that you may find interesting. Spike opened the door with a bow. Spike said nothing for a while. Accepting community - Supported at ease!


You may now ask your next question. He had been fantasizing about Rarity, not realizing that Applejack had been standing right next to him as he had puckered up. We are a small community who focus on love, and gaming and keeping the toxicity separate from the general chat, so those who want to let their toxic side loose can go to the appropriate room. My choices were Rarity, Applejack and Twilight?

Teen Dating Server

  • You can use various bots for entertainment.
  • Today, he is going to choose between the two.
  • You know, to edit and add on, maybe clip some bits off.
  • Please welcome Princess Twilight Sparkle!
  • He was about to say something when Applejack interrupted.

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Lucifer himself attends from time to time, but mostly the surrounding reapers and Hellhounds do the work for him- what a lazy asshole. They simultaneously closed their eyes and leaned forward. She had hidden it so well that no one had been able to figure it out, save Zecora, but she knew everything.

Home Public Discord Servers Discord servers tagged with dating. Universe Twilight Applejack Rarity Spike Discord Spike finds himself on a game show, hosted by Discord, where he has to make a choice between three mysterious bachelorettes. Discord Follow us Twitter. She figured she might as well play along.

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Enjoy your stay at The Neko Beach! Just imagine if Celestia won a date with Luna? She remembered that incident too. Excellently done, dating bra far from rote indeed! You have the chance to date one of the most eligible bachelorettes in Equestria!

Well, of course her lips did! Either way, it has a happy ending! Exactly what are your feelings for these mares? One was generous, the other honest.

Teen Dating Discord Server

Discord Dating Server

Applejack looked away immediately. Well, I kept my feelings silent! He looked between the two mares.

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  1. Discord Servers dating Discord servers tagged with dating.
  2. Don't worry Rarity, I know the feeling of rejection all too well.
  3. They were both attractive, they were both hard-working, they both made his heart flutter and they both had incredible personalities.
  4. Fluttershy shook her head.
  5. Applejack rubbed her chin.
  6. Her eyes widened in surprise, but then slowly shut as she gently raised her hoof to his face.

Okay, you got a laugh out of me. The disembodied hands applauded as the couple walked toward the exit, dating still not taking their eyes off each other. The draconequus shook his head.

He turned to the trio, rubbing his hands together mischievously. Where the smeg did all those downvotes come from? Everyone clap for Spike the Dragon!

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This is a chill hang out server, with a friendly staff! No one was ever supposed to know. The way she battled those Timberwolves was awesome! He felt comfortable, like his lips were meant to touch hers.

Would she finally get what she had secretly desired? He dug his claws into her mane and bended forward, deepening the kiss. Who will capture Spike's heart? Maybe I should write something like that and wait to post it.

Bachelorettes Numbers Two and Three? Applejack was the one with the high squeaky voice? Anyway, this was fun to write! The dragon turned to the unicorn beside him.

The floating hands applauded, making the white unicorn blush. If you were pulling an anvil cart Is this supposed to be a description of a mining cart which looks sort of like an anvil in profile? The Duchess of Tome approves. One was refined, the other was tough. This server has everything you could possible need to satisfy your nsfw cravings.

They did not even recall that the others were staring. We have a wide range of interests, from social interactions, to computer hobbies, car mechanics, dating vs friend zone and gaming. You and the mare of your choice will have a romantic candlelit dinner for two at one of the fanciest restaurants in Canterlot! They watched as the two repositioned their lips and pulled each other closer. So I kept it all to myself.

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