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Compaq Presario V Drivers For Windows 7 8 32/64 bit

It is really pity on my part to run pillar to post to get my laptop repaired. Well, I guess you and I thought wrong on that aspect. It was constantly breaking down. She was not helpful, told me I had to call a Case Manager to get help. Hopefully the second time they will be able to fix it or at least give me a newer laptop with out this issue.

So now that you know I Have windows xp and it is a business upgrade what say you Matt? The only way i connect to the internet is through an ethernet connection. It immediately went back because the case was not re-assembled properly after the motherboard replacement. About months after buying the computer, it would not power on.

If yes, can you tell me how you did it. So, he had me plug an Ethernet cable into the notebook, to check if that worked which I had done when the problem started, but forgot to mention it to the guy. Hi buddy, did your problem resolve?

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Even the slightest of movement and the dvd drive pops out, so i have to set it on a table to watch a movie. This is obviously a progressive problem. Less than four months after his computer was returned, but after the warranty period expired, the display went black again. My daughters dv crashed as well, black screen, hard drive is gone. For audio do read instruction properly otherwise you may not be able to install the audio driver correctly.

Yesterday, blackout then no power, continuous cycling. Could not find it by searching for new hardware.

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Compaq Presario V Driver Windows Xp - Download

Try reinstalling the Audio drivers. Theres is no display when laptop goes into windows. Also, windows vista seems to want to recognize whatever works best with its os so I think that may have something to do with it and it may not be a hard ware problems. Eventually, it will go to a blue screen that says A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

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They should have you send in the computer and they should replace it. Like it says on the bottom of the damn notebook.

Feel free to help me out by sending a donation. Geez, is there anything Right! You might want to try restoring your notebook to factory defaults.

Is it possible that there is no sound card installed? Hmmmm, yeah i was probely going to end up doing that.

Compaq presario v6000 lan drivers for windows xp

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Compaq grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I wont be buying another one again. If it really is Windows Vista compatible, then they should have released Vista drivers for it, drivers for soyo sy k7vme and it should be perfectly fine if you install Vista. Have you tried reinstalling the drivers for the graphics card? All the drivers above is for win xp bit.