Aisle matchmaking, sector overview

  1. That's when he met his old friend, Srishti Kataria who was teaching psychology in Mumbai University.
  2. Gone are those days when you had to request your friends to connect you to their friends and then set a date.
  3. This is done to maintain a database of profiles where like-minded urban Indians can connect with each other.
  4. And for this this reason Aisle will look for creative ways to promote their product.

India s new matchmaking destination

The startup will use the funds to hire talent in technology and build new verticals. Bharatmatrimony and shaadi. Support independent journalism. They have positioned the platform between Tinder and shaadi.

Aisle matchmaking

The platform currently is in alpha testing mode and is highly curated. Srishti manages the team that filters and looks for authenticity of profiles. He wishes to carve a new niche in the market by building a closed community of like-minded Indian singles.

  • Everybody loves music, but to what extent?
  • He doesn't want this product to be compared even remotely to a casual dating platform or the age-old matrimonial websites that doesn't work for urban Indians.
  • Do they love music more than cooking?

What's important here is that they have used urban elements that modern India should know about the other person before connecting with them. Each invite gets used up when the another user accepts the invitation to connect. The online matrimonial business is big in India. Aisle is when Tinder meets shaadi. And then there is the creep factor.

Sector overview

Aisle matchmaking
Aisle matchmaking

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Indians are very choosy and not always prefer to hangout for a casual date. Yuvraj is currently based in Bangalore, India. Aisle users do not pay membership fees, but they need to purchase invites to initiate communication with other users.

Aisle matchmaking

Aisle targets urban Indians

This information junkie prefers to spend his time on video games and graphic novels when he is not masquerading as an expert on subjects ranging from soccer to beer. We love to meet and hangout with people we see a future, but then this is slowly getting the limelight. This startup is trying to solve a local social issue without much deviation from the traditional Indian way. They want to build a niche community with authentic profiles, i want dating girl in that's the reason behind their long registration-approval process.

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Aisle matchmaking
Aisle matchmaking

Matchmaking startup Aisle raises pre-series A funding of Rs 1.25cr

Aisle matchmaking

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Today, you could just swipe on different profiles, select a potential date and ask out. He is also involved personally in the positioning of the product and is very particular in it. The team is very focused to change the psychological process one usually takes for finding the right life partner or individuals who are looking for long term commitments. Indian youth wants to spend considerable time with their to-be-partner understanding each other and finding that connection. She too wanted to hangout with potential matches but always feared to go out on casual dates from these apps.

Aisle did not advertise its presence, so the users are a result of word-of-mouth growth. Singles in India can find their match at Aisle, but first they need to make the cut. Aisle is promoting this matchmaking journey as friendship, courtship, love then marriage as against the traditional websites which have this sequence exactly in reverse order. Online matchmaking is a hard nut to crack. But still today, almost most of these matchmaking sessions happen offline.

It is a very personal process intertwined with a largely impersonal medium. We might have people using Tinder or Thrill in India but then they are very few. Able Joseph who had shifted his base from Bangalore to Dubai after a rough startup life faced the same problem at some point in his life. Which is why we set out to address the problem for our friends and ourselves. For us this indicates that many problems remain unsolved.

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